Which Is Healthier Sardines Or Tuna?

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Fishes are one of the most popular food items that can help in providing a lot of health benefits to health, one of the most common types of sea fish as sardines and tuna. You can consume them in high amounts because of their high protein content and good fats.

If you want to gain various types of nutrition values from the fishes, then you can consider eating these fishes. If you want to understand the difference in the nutrition value of these two species of fish, then you need to read more about them mentioned in the following paragraph.

Which Is Healthier Sardines Or Tuna
Which Is Healthier Sardines Or Tuna

What Are The Nutrients You Get In Sardines And Tuna?

When it comes to the item in, you will get more servings incidence as compared to tuna. Sardines are also rich in calcium, so if you want to get more calcium in the diet, then you have to prefer sardines instead of tuna.

By getting vitamin E in your body will help you to improve the blood circulation, which will enhance the development of blood elements in your body. By adding calcium in your diet will help in improving the nerve function along with cellular communication. It is also the basis of healthy bones, so you need to get the proper amount of calcium in your diet.

If you eat 170g of sardines every day, then you can get 3.5 mg of vitamin E in your body that is only a mere 23% of what is the required amount. In the case of tuna, you have to eat the double amount to get this much Vitamin E. If you eat about 650 mg of calcium, then you can get about 65% of the essential calcium. 

Which Is Healthier Sardines Or Tuna
Which Is Healthier Sardines Or Tuna

Mercury Count Of Tuna And Sardines

If you want to eat healthier, then you should check the mercury of tuna and sardines. Mercury is toxic from the fish production unit to avoid it. It is harmful to every person and especially for pregnant women and children.

It would be best if you stored the fish properly to avoid any health issues. The allowed maximum intake of mercury’s only 1.6 micrograms per kilogram. A 100 gm of can product can contain about 30 micrograms of mercury, which is not suitable for health.

If you lack vitamin k in your body, then you need to prefer eating tuna instead of sardines. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and helps you to recover from injuries. It also helps in the development of bones and cartilage in your body.

One portion of tuna can help you to get about 60% of the recommended intake. So each of these species of fish has its benefits, and you need to eat them as per your nutrient requirement.

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