What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It

How To Plan A Vegetarian Diet?

Veganism is receiving more attention for the last few years even though it’s not a new concept. So the search for “What is vegan?” on the internet has risen to 300% over the last few years. Now many celebrities are also opting for a vegan diet. In this article, you will get your answer to the question “What is vegan?”

What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It
What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It

What Is Vegan?

In the year 1944, the Vegan Society conceived the term “vegan”. The people from the community chose to discard consuming eggs, dairy, along with any other animal products, like meats, gelatine, etc. They are different from vegetarian as vegans don’t eat nor use any products that come from any type of animals. It is the way of life that they have chosen. Vegans chose the lifestyle to stop cruelty on the animals.

Reasons Why A Vegan Decides To Eat Certain Foods

For Ethical Reasons

The ethical vegans believe it strongly that every creature must live freely. It is the primary definition of what is vegan. So, these people avoid consuming any flesh, milk, and don’t wear clothes made from their skin.

These vegans oppose to physical and psychological cruelty on animals that the modern animal farming practices. They speak openly for animal rights, going against farming industry practices, like grinding of male chicks in the egg industry, force-breeding of geese and ducks, etc.

Some Goes Vegan For Health

What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It
What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It

Many are taking sides of veganism because of its possible health benefits. These plant-based diets have the potentiality to decrease the chance of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, premature death, or even cancer. Many reports say that when you lower the consumption of animal products, you risk of getting Alzheimer’ disease reduces to a greater extent.

There are people who are shifting to veganism to avoid any side effects of hormones and antibiotics that the animal farms use these days. Studies prove that a vegan diet can lower BMI and body weight. If someone wants to shed their extra body fat, then these diet plan can be perfect for them.

Going Vegan For Environment

Some people are avoiding any animal products to prevent environmental impact due to animal agriculture. Agricultural farms need a larger amount of resources and also emit vast greenhouse gas than the normal plant-based alternative.

What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It
What Is Vegan And Why Vegans Chose It

Animal farms emit 70% nitrous oxide of the total emission rate. Not only that, animal farming is behind 10% of global CO2 emission and 40% methane emission globally.

In animal farms, a vast amount of water is a necessity. You will be shocked that at least 500 to 5,200 gallons of water is in use just to produce 1 pound beef meat. Which is insane right? Alternatively, for the production of cereal grain, 43 times less water is sufficient enough and grows a lot of vegetable products.

Deforestation is happening due to animal farming where forests are cut down to breed animals as livestock. It is destructing the natural habitat of various animals is leading to their extinction from the earth.

What Vegans Avoid From Consuming

Vegans almost avoid all type of food that comes from animals. The list includes eggs, shellfish, fish, dairy, chicken, beef, and other meats. Not only that, these people avoid, any animal products completely like pepsin, carmine, lactic acid, casein, albumin, vitamin d3, etc.

What Vegans Love To Eat

Anything that is entirely plant-based, vegans will eat it unless they are allergic to it.