What Are the Healthiest Fish to Consider in Your Next Dish


Fish is a good source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and brain. It’s important to eat fish at least two times a week if you want to get enough of these beneficial fatty acids. Unfortunately, not all fish are considered healthy. Here’s a list of the healthiest fish you can eat, though. Take note of these fish the next time you go to the wet market or local supermarket.

1. Alaskan Salmon

Wild-caught salmon in Alaska are rich in omega-3s. Properly managed salmon fisheries in Alaska have biologists monitoring the number of wild fish that are currently spawning. If they notice the number dropping, they temporarily shut down the fishery until the number goes back up again. These fisheries also have good water quality and follow strict quotas to maintain the quality and health of their fish. No wonder you can get as much as 1,210 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per ounce of serving of this Alaskan salmon.

What Is the Healthiest Fish to Eat?
What Are the Healthiest Fish to Consider in Your Next Dish

2. Pacific Sardines

Don’t underestimate the nutrients these tiny, affordable sardines can offer you because of their size. They are now among the superfoods hailed for their omega-3s. You can get 1,950mg of these fatty acids per 3 ounces of serving, which is more than what you can obtain from tuna, salmon, or any other omega-3 source. Wild-caught Pacific sardines are also among the rare sources of high vitamin D content when it comes to food.

3. Albacore Tuna As One of the Healthiest Fish

This is among the healthiest fish you can catch in British Columbia or the US. While it is right to worry about potential mercury poisoning when it comes to tuna, albacore tuna caught with a trolling rod or pole is exempted from that concern. You can often distinguish it from other tuna by its Super Green rating when it is sold in cans. Pole- or troll-caught Albacore tuna are usually smaller and have lower contaminant and mercury ratings, as opposed to what you can find in bigger fish reeled in through long lines.

4. Farmed Oysters

These oysters are also good sources of omega-3s, containing 300mg of these fatty acids per 3-ounce serving. Culturing oysters is also good for Mother Nature since they eat algae, which boosts the quality of the water. Fish also treat them as natural reefs. Just be careful not to eat oysters raw when they are farmed in warm waters because they may be contaminated with bacteria.

5. Rainbow Trout as One of the Healthiest Fish to Eat

If you get farmed rainbow trout, you don’t have to worry much about contamination. This is still among the healthiest fish you can find as long as they are raised in freshwater ponds, away from the harmful chemicals found in lakes.

What Are the Healthiest Fish to Consider in Your Next Dish
What Are the Healthiest Fish to Consider in Your Next Dish

6. Mackerel

Mackerel is loaded with healthy fats. However, you might want to avoid king mackerel because these are known for their high mercury content. So, choose smaller mackerel or Atlantic mackerel for your next fish dish on the menu.

7. Arctic Char

Arctic char is in this list of the healthiest fish to eat because of its high-fat content. It is similar in appearance to salmon and tastes somewhere between trout and salmon. Look for farmed Arctic char, the kind raised in onshore tanks, away from polluted coastal waters.

8. Cod As One of the Healthiest Fish Options

Cod is rich in vitamin B-12, phosphorus, and niacin, so they are a healthy choice of fish. Eating its white flaky meat can give you 15 to 20 g of protein.

The next time you go to the fish aisle in the supermarket, make sure to ask around for any of the healthiest fish on this list. It pays to be extra picky with your food if it meant getting assurance that you’re eating only the best and the most robust.