Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism

Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism

Veganism refers to the consumption of vegetarian food. And it also does not include meat, eggs, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients. There are varieties of yummy food items for vegans, one of them is soup. Vegan soups are exceptionally delightful and filling yet light. Let’s go through a few delicious and different vegan soup recipes.

Yummiest Vegan Soup Recipes

Vegan vegetable soup with bread crust – You have to take two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. And also four minced clove garlic, one big size onion, and four diced medium-sized carrots. After this take four diced stalks celery and three medium potatoes which are peeled and sliced correctly.

Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism
Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism

Then you have to add three tablespoons Italian seasoning, four cup vegetable stock with two cups of water, and four to five tomatoes. Get chopped parsley and a cup of corn. Also, get one cup of kidney beans and two tbsp of lemon juice along with salt to taste and fresh powdered black pepper.

Instructions – On medium flame heat a pan. When you find the oil hot, add all the ingredients, and sauté them till the raw smell vanishes off. When you see the vegetables turning golden brown add water, tomatoes, corn, and powdered pepper.

Wait for it to boil and then reduce the flame. Make sure that you keep the utensil covered till the vegetables are fully cooked and become tender. Remove it from the stove, add salt to taste and garnish it with crusty bread and its ready to serve.

Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup

Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism
Vegan Soup Recipes For Veganism

Ingredients – two tbsp of butter, one big yellow onion, four cloves garlic, 18oz fresh or refrigerated broccoli, chopped or minced, one large potato, four cups of vegetable broth, two cups soya milk, 10oz vegan cheddar cheese, three tbsp nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper to taste.

Instructions – Take a large pan and heat the vegan butter and coconut oil on a medium flame. Now add onions and garlic to it. Sauté till it turns golden brown and keeps stirring it occasionally. Add the other ingredients and sauté till it becomes soft.

Add milk and broth and lower the flame and leave it to boil. Occasionally stir it until the broccoli and potatoes turn tender. Now using the food processor blend the soup until it becomes thick and creamy. Finally, add salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately fresh with crispy onion flakes.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Ingredients – one-kilo fresh mushroom boiled and dissolved in boiling water. Two tbsp vegan butter, coconut milk, one medium onion chopped, two tbsp flour, five-hundred-ml mushroom stock.

Instructions – Take an open non-stick pan and melt the butter in a large pot with a low flame. Add onions and mushroom and then sauté it till it turns brown. Keep frying it until onions are soft and mushrooms are well cooked.

Now add coconut milk and cook for about 15 minutes in a medium flame and occasionally stir while allowing the flavor to blend appropriately. Add salt and powdered black pepper to taste. You can garnish it with fresh herbs and serve.

Now it’s not a difficult task to be a vegan, especially when you have such incredible vegan soup recipes for veganism.

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