Vegan Breakfast Idea – Two Unique Recipes For Indian Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Breakfast Food Platter

Vegan breakfast ideas are fundamental because of its wavelength, which ideally matches with non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. Moreover, good and healthy, heavy breakfast can sort one’s day totally. Breakfast is definitely the vital most meal of the day. It keeps you going for a very long time even if you happen to just have some munch-on for lunch. Vegan breakfasts are uniquely delicious, healthy and heavy, all at the same time. You do not really need to think twice before attacking them.

Vegan Breakfast Idea
Vegan Breakfast Idea

Given below are two unique Indian vegan recipes:-

Poha Recipe


Rice flakes – 3 cups

Cooking oil – 4 tablespoon

Mustard seeds -1 tablespoon

Urad dal – 1 table

Two tablespoons of Chana dal

One teaspoon of Jeera

Roasted peanuts

Curry leaves

Two pinches of Hing

6 Red Chillis

One teaspoon of Turmeric powder

One teaspoon of Pepper powder

Salt, to the taste

Half teaspoon of Sugar


In the first step, you will have to clean the rice flakes but not with water. Next, you need to throw in the mustard seeds into the heated oil. Furthermore, the Urad dal, chana dal, hing, red chillis, curry leaves and the turmeric powder goes right into it the next. The rice flakes, pepper powder, salt and Sugar goes back into the Kadai. You need to keep stirring until the poha or the rice flakes turn crispy. Throw in some roasted peanuts to add more delicacy to the already amazing preparation. Nonetheless, do not forget to keep the flame from medium to high. Switch the oven off once cooked. Let it cool down in the Kadai itself. Serve the incredible vegan breakfast idea hot!

 Upma Recipe


3 cups of water

Half cup of carrot

One-fourth cup of peas

One-fourth cup of chopped green beans

One tablespoon of Ghee

Half teaspoon of Mustard seeds

Some Curry Leaves

Half cup of chopped Onions

Half cup of Semolina (or Sooji)

One chopped Green Chilli

Salt to taste

Coriander Leaves


Take a cooking pan in order to make this vegan breakfast idea. Throw in the carrot, peas, green beans and water. Boil it until it is soft. Then keep it aside.

Take a new pan. Throw in the ghee and mustard seeds, and curry leaves together. Stir well for 10 seconds. Add onions next to the gig and fry until it turns soft. Throw in the semolina to the pan. Add the whole thing up. Add the green chilli. Fry in the pan for around five to seven minutes. Next, add the boiled vegetables to the pan. Keep cooking the thing until it turns thick. Serve the vegan breakfast idea all in its glory!

Veggies Platter
Veggies Platter

Breakfast is always an integral part of a person’s meal schedule. In this busy world, we often tend to miss our lunch. A heavy breakfast can keep a person going for the whole of the day. These healthy vegan breakfast recipes are extremely easy to cook and takes the least amount of time. Thus, making it reliable. Add on is the deliciousness of both these vegan breakfast idea. Enjoy the delicacies to their best!