Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals


Turn the spotlight on for another of our Top 10 vegan cooking tools to make a Vegan meal cooking a piece of cake. Cake, being the non-operative operative word to use, so long as it doesn’t contain poultry or dairy products. We’ll get into a quick definition of what a true Vegan is in a while. Then we’ll get to the list of our favorite picks for cooking tools we know you’ll fall in love with for sure.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools: What Is A True Vegan?

There are differences now, or should I say categories, when it comes to going veg. Say it with me, “vehj.” Aaaand that’s me cracking myself up in a non-funny way while remembering Kevin Bacon’s character in the Barber Shop when he went, “…a Yazhuah”. A different way to pronounce the luxury sports car, Jaguar.

Aaaand there’s me straying from the topic a bit. Now reigning it in. So. What exactly is a Vegan? Dictionary-wise, a Vegan is a person who does not eat nor use anything that contains animal products. You read it right. It’s not only about ceasing from including meat in your personal menu. It’s about what you use as well such as leather and other animals, etc.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

However, for this post, let us draw your eyes towards the first. Food (the most used word in my dictionary, if you ask me). Since you have, or still are contemplating how to go about it, take note of the following…

A Few Tips About Going Vegan

The first is that you need to pace yourself. What works for that famous celebrity you adore might not necessarily work for you. Take a good look at your diet and what specific changes you want it to undergo. What to add to, what to subtract from it.

Next, find out what other healthy vegan food items you can replace the ones you’ll be removing from your diet. Read about them. Ask.

Finally, you can still get creative with the way you prepare meals. Other than experimenting with different vegan ingredients, try our top 10 vegan cooking tools and create art out of every cooking experience you’ll have from now on.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools To Add To Your Kitchenware

1.  Durable Handheld Kitchen Food Blender

Here’s a super-efficient and powerful tool for mincing vegetables in those millimeter-cuts (self-invented term). The tiny slices perfect for making any sort of gravy or paste. Professional chefs and other avid cooking lovers do it by holding the knife’s handle with one hand while the other rests on the blunt upper portion of it. This position makes chopping small bits faster.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

On the other hand, if you’re in a rush (which is probably all the time because you have a packed schedule most days), then this durable handheld kitchen food blender is the way to go. Tug on the grip attached to the string and the blades will rotate in milliseconds in repeating motions. More tugs, more slices, more tiny pieces.

Also, you won’t need to keep opening and closing its cove to check on what you’re mincing. Its transparent body makes it easier for you to see if the food item/s are already sliced the way you want them to be or not.

2. Adjustable Fruit And Vegetable Drainer

Do you feel like washing fruits and vegetables is a chore? I totally know how you feel. But never skip it despite it feeling like more work added towards cooking. Don’t despair, oh ye vegan cooking hopefuls. The adjustable fruit and vegetable drainer rides towards your gates and is shining in all its durable plastic-glory.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

Whatever the size of your kitchen size, you can adjust this drainer accordingly so that it can be mounted right below the faucet and onto the sink rims (one each side). It’ll act as a draining basin. Both of your hands can be free to wash the food items well without having to hold the drainer itself.

After use, you can easily wash it and leave it to dry.

3. Stainless Steel Fruit And Vegetable Cutter

Often, going hands-on with meal preparation adds a bit of care and love to it, if I may make it sound cheesy. When you have the time and are just wanting to have a feel of cutting those fruits and vegetables on your own, the stainless steel fruit and the vegetable cutter will help you accomplish that.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

It’s got a size and a grip ideal for comfortable manual cutting. You might think that those particular features are a bit odd. Indeed, they are. Knives are usually long. However, in this case, they’re perfect for that perfect oval shape-cut and will allow you to maneuver this cutting device faster than you’d think.

Plus, it’s wavy design allows you to slice pieces in “ridges.” That’s a dash of creativity sprinkled in your vegan dish.

4. Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools: Multi-Function Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Getting Nature’s eats clean before actually cooking them is always a must. Yet, it’s the one thing we frequently look past. A little rundown of tap water on them and we think they’re ready to go. However, there are bacteria that stick to fruits and vegetables that can be removed by careful washing.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

With the multi-function fruit and vegetable cleaning brush, you’ll definitely be able to clean them with much more efficiency. The lining used for the actual cleaning has a soft, brush-like feature for proper washing.

To add, it’s an eco-friendly tool made of durable PVC. For the vegan, Earth-friendly you, you’ll absolutely love having this utensil in your kitchen.

5. Stainless Steel Manual Garlic Crusher Chopper

Garlic is that tiny ingredient, used in tiny doses as a flavoring for dishes. Though, to repeat the term, this tiny ingredient contains properties that help lower bad cholesterol, thus supporting overall cardiovascular health. It’s good for the heart, y’all.

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

Not only that, it’s known to be a good way to battle the common cold, too. Talk about a vegetable we typically don’t pay much attention to and has important benefits we don’t realize it has just as well. So! Add the garlic slices (or in a crushed form) to your dishes that require it.

You can use the stainless steel manual garlic crusher chopper and you’ll be able to, well, crush garlic conveniently. All you need to do is grip the tool like you would brass knuckles (Yup, ready to fight, yo’. Fight against unhealthy eating. Me forcing the parallelism here) and roll it with pressure on the garlic.

6. Stainless Steel Manual Lemon Squeezer

Have your regular dose of Vitamin C and soluble fibers with that bright yellow, zesty fruit— lemons! These nutrients strengthen your immune system and support the growth and repair of cartilage and tissues. Enjoy all these benefits while you sip on a glass of that citrusy juice. Add some honey instead of refined sugar if you’re looking to sweeten it. 

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

Now, not all of us have the upper body strength of squeezing out that zesty liquid with your bare hands. And even if you do, why use up so much effort and energy? Use the stainless steel manual lemon squeezer and you’ll be able to juice it in no time! 

The utensil has a drill-like mechanism that you can push into the fruit in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion from the top. Afterward, pour out the drink through its built-in funnel. 

7. Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools: Portable Cherry Pitter

A cherry on top of the cake? I’m guilty of using that idiom too many times. Well, it’s true. A cherry brings a sprinkle of that sweet, syrupy yet chewy mouthful on any pastry. Or have it on its own. I do that. I admitted that too quickly, didn’t I. 

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

This crimson fruit is a good way to aid you in mood balance and stress relief. It aids in sleep and ironically, is known as an energy fruit. Overall well-being. That’s the term for it. So remove those cherry pits conveniently with the portable cherry pitter. 

It has a design similar to that of a pair of tongs. You can lay the fruit in between both ends, press the utensil together and… voila! A pitless cherry is ready for munching on or topping on a cake. No mess. No stress. 

8. Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Aaah. The watery fruit that quenches your thirst and fills your tummy at the same time. Watermelons are hydrating eats that, due to this very property, assist in decreasing inflammation and relieves strained muscles. 

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

As an alternative to slicing the large fruit up and then having to dice it one by one, the stainless steel watermelon slicer will do the slicing for you with much more speed and precision. 

It has a rotator that allows for that quick dicing contraption and so that it’s able to slice away more than one cube (or rectangle, more lie) in a go. It’ll feel almost like merely scraping watermelon dices with every single sliding motion. Pretty neat. 

9. Fruit And Vegetable Juicer

Dietitians and nutritionists have, time and time again, proven that juicing those yummy fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of taking in those nutrients, bottoms up (Do people still use that term? I, apparently, do). You have such a frenzied schedule that on more occasions than a few, it’s tough to get your hands busy with preparing your own vegan meals. 

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

Save on time and money with the fruit and vegetable juicer. What’s great about this kitchenware is that the nutrients nature’s products contain aren’t depleted or lessened. They’re not broken down. 

Thus, you can have the same serving of all those vitamins and minerals in a quicker manner… repeating the term from 2 paragraphs earlier… bottoms up. 

10. Mini Food Dehydrator Machine 

Too tempted to break your vegan diet and get your fingers in a bag of non-veg chips? Fries are inviting you to grease up your hands, and your arteries, as you pass by that fast-food chain that serves them 24/7? 

Top 10 Vegan Cooking Tools For Easy Vegan Meals

Don’t give in that easily! With a mini food dehydrator machine, you’ll be able to snack on fruits and vegetables just like you would, those chips. They’ll literally make fruit and veggie chips, what with its dehydrating feature which will dry up those eats. 

Manufactured with professional and food-grade quality, it has a ventilation cover that works amazingly along with its bottom vent to ascertain that the dehydration process is done smoothly. 

Grab these top 10 Vegan cooking tools and get Vegan cooking ASAP.