Tofu Flavor- How To Add Flavor To Tofu!


Mastering the art of cooking Tofu with flavors stays as a required need, however, not just by a vegan or a vegetarian but any real food lover. Tofu, a delicious dish made from white soybeans, enriches itself with protein. Moreover, Tofu can be served in soups, sauces, smoothies, or stir fry. The golden key to preparing Tofu lies in flavoring your Tofu. Use personalized seasoning and sauces. These seasonings help in complimenting your overall Tofu Flavor. Try picking the perfect set of Tofu’s, preferably natural, and not genetically modified to make your dish. Additionally, adding Tofu to do your daily diet helps add protein and iron to your nutritional intake.

Raw Or Steamed Tofu Flavor:

Raw Tofu could be the best form of Tofu flavor for salads. Shelf-stable Tofu serves way better than frozen Tofu because it decreases the chances of water-borne diseases. Chilled Tofu carries water that could cause issues. Use silken Tofu if you are consuming it raw. The silken Tofu gives a soft, silky, and smooth texture, dice it for salads. While steaming Tofu also adds a great flavor to Tofu. Steaming kills off potential bacteria and makes the process of digestion easier. Steam tofu and cook it with desired sauce or seasoning for about 7 mins to give the perfect Tofu essence.

Tofu Flavor- How To Add Flavor To Tofu!
Tofu Flavor- How To Add Flavor To Tofu!

Tofu Flavor – Fried And Grilled:

Fried Tofu gives a perfect blend of crisp and flavor. Press and cube the Tofu before you deep fry. Use cornflour or arrowroot powder along with salt to coat the Tofu. Deep fry this Tofu and cook until all are golden brown – to give the perfect Tofu essence. Grilling tofu sounds like a perfect summer dinner plan! To make grilled Tofu, preheat your grill and grease it. Furthermore, press the Tofu on to the rack and proceed to grill. Continue with this process for about 5 minutes each, season it as you desire. The final product will blend the taste of your seasoning and the grill giving a perfect Tofu essence.

Saute And Baked  Flavor:

Another way to add flavor to your Tofu is Stir-fryinging. Chop it and add your seasoning. Now, marinate for about 30 minutes to soak the flavor. Heat about two teaspoons of oil and stir fry this mix. Yours saute with perfect Tofu essence is ready! Baking your Tofu gives two alternative tastes. One provides a crispy, less oily tofu while the other a protein-rich dish. To cook Tofu, preheat your oven and bake it on a parchment paper before baking, add required seasoning to get the perfect Tofu essence.

Tofu Flavor- How To Add Flavor To Tofu!
Tofu Flavor- How To Add Flavor To Tofu!


Take a block of Tofu and dice it into two halves. Further, cut the halves into four main parts, which form the tofu steaks. Pick a bowl and add about 1/3rd tamari, sesame oil, fresh ginger, brown rice

vinegar, garlic – mix them. Furthermore, add half of the sauce into the baking dish after this, proceed to add Tofu and cover it with the marinade. Let this marinate for about an hour. Preheat your oven to about 375°F. The excess marinade can spoil the flavor, drain it from the baking tray. Bake for about 30 minutes, garnish end product with green onions. The steak tofu essence is ready!

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