Tips To Design Tempting Yet Nutritious Vegan Meals Plan


Many people are turning to vegan meals plan in life as it can effectively help in weight loss and remaining healthy. A vegan meal plan does not contain any type of food items that contain or are made up of animal products. Moreover, as per health experts, vegan meals are a perfect and flawless way of getting on the road of eating healthy. Though it can definitely be a restrictive lifestyle but it does have many benefits of its own.

If you have also shifted to the vegan food, here is a balanced vegan meal plan for you. Moreover, it is advisable to add lots of green leafy vegetables, plant milk, and vitamin D in your diet. These things will make sure that you do not lose on any type of nutrients in the diet.

Tips To Design Tempting Yet Nutritious Vegan Meals Plan
Tips To Design Tempting Yet Nutritious Vegan Meals Plan


  • The first day of the week can have a healthy start with breakfast including vegan friendly museli along with flaxseeds. However, remember that some of the museli bought from the store can have honey which is not vegan. Thus, make sure to look out for honey if you are planning a vegan meal plan.
  • For lunch you can go for baked potatoes as well as salad and for dinner, you can definitely go for meat balls or vegan sausages.


  • As part of the balanced vegan meal plan, on Tuesday, you can take a glass of plant milk along with a muffin. The lunch can include wholeweat spaghetti as well as soya mince.
  • Though you can find soya mince at every supermarket store but if you are not able to, then you can substitute it with mushroom mince or lentils.
  • For evening, you can go for a wrap filled with vegetables, beans, and spicy rice.


Tips To Design Tempting Yet Nutritious Vegan Meals Plan
Tips To Design Tempting Yet Nutritious Vegan Meals Plan

  • It is the middle of the week. You can start your day with banana as well as peanut butter put on the whole wheat toast along with a glass of plant milk.
  • The lunch can have chickpea as well as couscous salad. You can even grate carrot over the salad along with yeast flakes.
  • Calcium filled tofu along with vegetables in rice noodles can be the vegan meal for dinner.


  • For Thursday, you can consume wheat biscuits along with plant milk. You can also include walnut and chopped banana pieces. However, when you are purchasing cereals from the store, be sure to look out for Vitamin D3 as it is definitely not vegan.
  • Lunch can have pasta as well as bean salad having yeast flakes in it.
  • In the evening, you can have sweet potato, pepper curry, and chickpea, along with peas combined with brown rice.


  • Friday can be a little relaxed with breakfast including porridge prepared with plant milk. You can top it with raisins, apples, and a dash of cinnamon along with flaxseeds.
  • For lunch, you can have tortilla having houmous, carrot, sweet corn, and yeast flakes.
  • The evening vegan meal can include a veggie burger along with a salad.

For Saturday and Sunday, you can repeat any of the vegan meal plan mentioned above. However, it is still advisable to contact an expert before starting with the vegan meal plan.

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