The Best Vegan Restaurants In The US

Why Should You Start A Vegetarian Lifestyle?

If you are travelling to America and in case you are a vegan then you must find yourself hurdling to buy a meatless food up there. As, the plant based burgers are seen to be quite impossible to achieve in resturents in America. So, it can be quite a difficult thing for you to shop for a vegan meal of you are a true vegan. To make things easier for you, we are listing some of the best vegan restaurants you can look on to eat vegan food up in America.

The Best Vegan Restaurants In US!
The Best Vegan Restaurants In US!

Blossoming Lotus (Portland, Oregon)

The Best Vegan Restaurants In US!
The Best Vegan Restaurants In US!

The blossoming lotus is one of the best places since the past decades in Portland oregon from where you can have your vegan meal if you are traveling to Portland. This place has a small and elegant environment which will defiantly please you. One of the major reasons to go up in this vegan resultant is that it offers dishes like chana masala curry, peanut soy curls and bibimbap that marks for the culling flavors from the Asian influences. It is also a place where you eat the cheesy and creamy and herbed breadcrumbs whenever you like. Just throw the killer smoothies and raw options in the bowls and survive with it as long as you like it. The best thing about this place you will find that many people up here comes to have the world’s famous vegan recipes too.

Bouldin Creek Cafe (Austin, Texas)

The Austin Texas is the herbivore of bouldin creek’s which is inevitable the brunch line of vegan dishes. This place is well known and highly popular for its hopelessly hooked popular plant based dishes as well as because of its coffee house. In this vegan restaurant you will find up hearty soul food of beans, maple braised collars, vegan corn bread and curry owl that is studded with zuchii and mushrooms. You can also find a hearty vegan soul food up here which will really entice you to come back here again and again. If you are here don’t miss up the vegan desserts such as the blueberry lavender pie and the gingerbread upside down cake.

Bunna Cafe (Brooklyn, New York)

The bunna café in Brooklyn offers an Ethiopian cuisine that offers all varieties of vegan food into its store. This vegan restaurant was the very first pop up smorgasbord vendor which transitioned the mortar and brick status in few years back. If you are travelling up in Brooklyn and you are hungry. This place is the one spot visit as It will offer you varies veggie based dishes such as split peas, miser wot, flatbread and many more dishes on the go. Also, this place offer just more than eating spot, as in here you can also explore the beauty of resultant as it will give you some incentive where you will crave to come here again.

These are some of the amazing vegan resturants in US you can give a try on if you are visiting any of the above places.