Teacup And Saucer: In Unique Creative Flower Shape

Teacup And Saucer: In Unique Creative Flower Shape

Teacup plays an essential role in making the best morning of the person. Usually, tea or coffee is the most critical element of a person’s morning routine. If they do not get the desired taste, then their day can get spoiled. So, the person has to maintain their daily routine with daily flavors. Moreover, the presentation of things always attracts people. Thus, the decorated teacup would help the person in building their mood along with tea or coffee. So, this unique design would enhance the decoration of the beverage.

Teacup Specialty

The specialty of the teacup is the unique floral design. The design helps in giving a perfect look to the cups. Moreover, the cups look like they are flowers themselves. Furthermore, the plan defines flowers in absolute terms. The handle of the cup looks like a green stem and bowl like a flower coming out from green bud. Moreover, the saucers accompany the cup. The design of the dish is also unique, and they have a tiny flower on one side. Furthermore, the curved borders of the saucer give a wavy flowery look to it. Thus, the combination of a cup and saucer might look like a flower itself. Furthermore, consuming tea or coffee in the cups in the garden would enhance the freshness that the person feels.

Teacup Technical Features

  • The cups are available in four colours, yellow, blue, pink, and red. Moreover, the cup and saucer have the same matching colour with a pinch of green for the stem.
  • Furthermore, the cups are handcrafter, and the colour is also hand-painted, which gives a luxurious look to the set.
  • The material of construction for the cup is porcelain, which is compatible with hot beverages. Also, the finishing of the bowl is in such a way that it gives a glossy look to the set.
  • The major technical features include the dimensions of the set. The cups can carry 150 ml of liquid, and the saucers have 6 inches of diameter.
  • The bonus point is the set includes a small spoon in the shape of the stem to stir the liquid. The spoon has a height of 5.5 inches, which leads to a perfect distance from the cup for mixing.

Uses Of The Creative Flower Shape

The primary purpose of the teacup is to drink the hot morning beverage to gain freshness. However, a person can always gift the set to somebody at different events. For example, the game would work as the best gift for anniversary, birthday, house warming, and for somebody who likes to cook. Moreover, the elegant look of the set would make them think highly of you.

Thus, the teacup and saucer set with floral pattern attract many users. However, there are very fewer people who appreciate antique art. So, the person can use this set at their place while holding a party to showcase the importance of antique. Furthermore, the game would also act as a masterpiece of creativity. Thus, apart from having tea, people would also admire your creativity sense.