Kitchen Knife Set Ceramic Cutter


Made with ceramic material that’s up to 2X sharper than a steel
Stays sharp than metal knives
No rusts or stains build up
Chef knife: 15cm blade, 11cm handle
Slicing knife: 13cm blade, 10.7cm handle
Utility knife: 1ocm blade, 10.5cm handle
Pairing knife: 7.5cm blade, 10.5cm handle
Ceramic Peeler: 12.8cm x 8cm(L x W)
Package includes:
1 x chef knife
1 x slicing knife
1 x utility knife
1 x pairing knife
1 x ceramic peeler

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Kitchen Knife Set Ceramic Cutter

Every cook needs a kitchen knife set – and not just any knife, it must be the best there is! A must-have for all pro and aspiring cooks out there. This 5-piece ceramic kitchen knife set will surely make precise and accurate food cuts in all your ingredients. Food that underwent proper preparation looks better. Food is seen first before it’s eaten so it must not be just palatable. So it must have that attractive look, the look that makes anyone want to taste it right away. And how to achieve that? With the right cooking tools like this kitchen knife set. With different sizes to choose from to bring out that aesthetic look in the food.

Advantages Of Ceramic Knife

It has an ergonomic handle that makes it perfectly balanced, light, and easy to grip. Cutting food with care to maintain its fresh look with the design of this handle. It also has a high-density sharp blade making it up to 2x more piercing than any steel chef knife. To bring out that precise cutting that suits every need. It will guarantee to stay sharp 10x longer than metal knives. The blades are BPA free, never rust, and no nasty stains will be left out. So say goodbye to that discoloration. What’s more, it’s impenetrable to acids, oils, and unwanted odors that may transfer to other food. The ceramic knife also prevents oxidation or browning of food.

Prepare Food Like A Pro

Having the advantages of using these knives, anybody can be pro in preparing food. Just choose from the 6inch chef knife, 5inch slicing knife, 4inch utility knife, 3inch paring knife, and the ceramic peeler. These beautifully designed kitchen tools can cater to all your needs. From cutting thin sushis, slice meat for that perfect steak cut or vegetables for that fresh vegetable salad, this knife set is the absolute partner in every kitchen!


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