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Fun Facts About Pastry

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Eating sweet is something that we all love, and there is no reason or no mood required to eat sweet dishes. There are a lot of items and variants in sweet dishes. Starting from small candy to cakes. People these days are trying to learn something new, something out of the box. That is the art of learning how to make cakes. Cakes are a kind of dessert that are baked in thousands on a single day. 

The main reason behind such a big number of baking is that we have a lot of occasions every day like any birthday party, theme party, engagement function, marriage ceremony, and many more. The system of serving sweets on various occasions is the oldest regime all over the world. The word cake originated from the Middle English word ‘kake’ . A part of the cake is called the pastry or a tart. It was found that the first cake was made by the Ancient Egyptians.

How Can One Make The Perfect Pastry Or Cake?

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Every time we try to bake a cake, we always move back if it doesn’t be the way we want it to be.  The major problems we face are cakes that don’t bake properly, icing cream not of proper consistency, nozzle problem, ganache flavor. And because of these problems, we end up making no cake or a bad cake. Here are some tips which can help one in the process of making a proper cake. 

The very first mistake we make is the consistency of the cake batter. The appropriate consistency should be like a Dosa Idli batter, meaning that it should not be too runny nor too thick. The second tip is proper greasing of the mold. If the mold is not properly greased, the batter will tend to stick to the sides and base of the vessel. 

Another tip would be the proper time for icing, icing should be done when the base of the cake is properly cool at room temperature. If we start cutting the cake when it’s warm, and it is not cooled from inside then it will break into an unusual shape. We should always cut the shape only after the base of the cake is properly cooled. 

Health Benefits Of Having Cakes

There are always proper ways of eating food correctly, at a proper time, and in an appropriate amount. And when it comes to eating sweet desserts like cakes, biscuits, candies, people prefer eating after their meals. Eating sweets after a meal is always beneficial and good for health. A study has found that eating sweets after a meal helps to digest food smoothly and also helps a person to relieve stress and secrete good hormones.


So let’s be as sweet as a cake and spread sweetness!

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