How Do You Make Tofu Taste Chicken?


Ever wondered if you can make tofu taste like chicken? Incorporating elements of taste and flavor of chicken into elements of soy might sound weird. However, the taste stands delicious and healthy! Tofu, in general, is chewy like chicken, using the cooking method of chicken to tofu makes it a wonder. Tofu has always been a topic of debate – some support while the others hate it! While making tofu taste like chicken sounds like a better plan. This cooking method of Chicken tofu is way better than regular tofu recipes.

So, pick that apron and pan chef, let’s begin making that Chicken Tofu!

How Do You Make Tofu Taste Chicken?
How Do You Make Tofu Taste Chicken?

Ingredients For Chicken Tofu:

Tofu- Use firm or the extra firm tofu; avoid using Silken Tofu.

Soy Sauce.



Corn flour- preferably use plain flour.

Sauce- personal choice.

Steps On How To Prepare The Chicken Tofu:

To begin the preparation of Chicken Tofu, pat the tofu for about 30 minutes to get the best results for the Chicken Tofu. Once you have patted the tofu dry, focus on tearing the patty into smaller bits, try aligning the size to tater tots. After tearing the pieces, place them in a dry box. You could use the original tofu container and proceed to freeze them. When you decide to cook, pick the amount of tofu you require. Separate the pieces, and do not forget to defrost them till they are separated. Using a microwave oven could serve as a quick and efficient way.

How Do You Make Tofu Taste Chicken?
How Do You Make Tofu Taste Chicken?

After the tofu finishes thawing, place them in a tea towel and squeeze them gently to remove excess water content. Now, place these pieces into a bowl and lightly douse it in soy sauce, try to sprinkle evenly. Later, drizzle oil and toss the tofu to coat thoroughly. Furthermore, add salt and cornflour to cover the entire chicken tofu. Do not add too much, if you do remove some from the bowl till it ultimately goes. Continue by placing the Tofu pieces on a baking tray. Pre heats the oven beforehand and cook the tofu for about 20-30 minutes. Wait until the tofu is brown and dry, touch the grilled tofu to identify if done.

Finally, coat the tofu with the sauce you like. You could either cover the tofu or stir the chicken tofu in the sauce for 1-2 minutes.

Voila! Serve right away and eat to your heart’s desire!!

Notes To Remember While Making Tofu:

Try cutting the tofu into smaller slabs before squeezing the water; this helps in removing water efficiently.

Remove the water content of many tofu’s together; this helps rapid freezing and process.

Adjust the oven timings in prior.

Avoid overcooking the Tofus; they can turn to be hard.

Coat the tofu completely. Do not leave any unattended patches behind. Rub the tofu’s together to spread the distribution of cornflour evenly.

Along with coating the tofu with salt, you could also add additional spices of your choice. This process of coating helps add desirable flavor to your tofu.