Healthy Vegan Baking Recipes You Can Try This Holiday Season

healthy vegan baking recipes

Every single cook has their own “secret” healthy vegan baking recipe. They may be different from the standard ones that everyone knows about. Well, these healthy vegan baking recipes have become quite popular. It is not difficult to create them at home. You can use whatever you like to flavor them.

An Overview

A good example of healthy vegan baking recipes are cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Chocolate, peanut butter and flour are staples in holiday baking. There are options though. If you’re looking for a healthy, sugar-free sweetener, you should go for brown rice syrup. It is the closest thing to cane sugar you can get and it comes in a delicious brown color.

If you are looking for sweet recipes you can also experiment with oatmeal and/or milk substitutes. In some cases oatmeal can replace all the milk ingredients in your recipes. This will give you a healthier alternative. For brownie recipes, you can add just a little bit of milk, vanilla, and baking powder. You may need to add more liquid if you like the taste of oatmeal better than plain milk.

Making Process

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For desserts such as chocolate chip and peanut butter cups, brown rice syrup, molasses, maple syrup and flour make a great replacement for honey. In case you really like sweets but you are on a diet, oatmeal is a great healthy vegan baking recipes replacement. It is high in fiber and it helps in digestion. Whole grain cinnamon rolls are also an ideal choice and they are healthier than the typical white rolled oats.

If you want to experiment with your healthy vegan baking recipes, chocolate chips and lemon can make a healthy snack for your family. If you like coffee cake and ice cream you can try vanilla almond extract instead of vegetable fat. Cashew frosting is the best vegan option when it comes to this combination. You could even make vegan coffee cake and freeze it for a later time.

The main thing you should avoid while preparing chocolate-based recipes is using refined white sugar. Dark chocolate chips or cocoa powder can be used instead and the recipe should not be changed. This will give you a delicious coffee cake and you can enjoy it during the day. Coconut and banana coffee cake can make a very delicious dessert. In this recipe you should also consider including organic raw cacao, organic cane sugar and natural sweeteners.

Main Ingredients

Your Christmas holiday baking can be a lot more exciting if you include nuts and dried fruit. It will add more flavor to your recipes without increasing calorie intake. These nuts and dried fruits can be combined in a recipe with chocolate sauce. They can also be added to other dishes such as pies, brownies and so on. You can use your imagination and experiment with different flavors such as dates, coconut, walnuts, hazelnuts and so on.

If you have never tried vegan chocolate fudge, it is an excellent way to have tasty food without having to eat unhealthy ingredients. You will only need about 30 minutes of your precious time and you will end up eating delicious food. There are many recipes that you can try this Christmas and you will find that most of them require ingredients that you probably already have in your home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you can easily prepare delicious Christmas cookies and fudge with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Some of the recipes you can try include chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate-flavored dates, cashews, raisins, walnuts and Brazil nuts. All these ingredients can be purchased from your local market or online. You can also try making chocolate fudge. All you need for this is chocolate, oil, vegan margarine, non-fat dry ice and chocolate chips.

Extra Recipe

Another exciting recipe you can try this Christmas is the coffee cake. This recipe makes use of nutmeg, coffee and milk. The recipe can be prepared in advance and chilled until ready to serve. You can also add flavorings such as nuts and dried fruits. The coffee cake can be made without using whole grain flour, sugar or refined white sugar. This is one of the most popular vegan recipes at Christmas and usually enjoyed by children as well as adults.


A vegan carrot cake is also delicious and can be made with only vegetable ingredients. The cake must be baked in a prepared baking pan, which should be placed on a hot griddle. It is advisable to bake the cake in the oven, as it tastes better. When cooking a carrot cake, it is wise to use a vegan butter or margarine so that the vegetable ingredients don’t stick to the pan.

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