Gluten-Free Vegan Dinner

healthy vegan dinner

Are you searching for healthy vegan dinner recipes? Then look no farther! I’ve got so many healthy and tasty vegan recipes for you. Here are a few examples. They’re sure to get your taste buds cooking in excitement again.

Baked Tofu Rice Bowls – 

Vegan Dinner

This is a simple yet flavorful and healthful dinner idea. You need to prepare some cooked vegan tofu in sauce of your choice, mix it up with some vegetables, and voila, you have a healthy and tasty meal. You can make them more tasty by adding some different kinds of spices. For example, you can spice it up by adding some coriander leaves, cloves, pepper, and curry powder to give it a little kick. Serve these with your baked tofu rice bowls.

Lasagna With Red Onions and Tomatoes – 

Vegan Dinner

This is another great recipe that’s incredibly flavorful and nutritious. You can choose to either make the lasagna raw or cooked. Cooked lasagna is easy to prepare and is very flavorful. However, if you’re not good at making it raw, I suggest going for the raw version. Tomatoes are my favorite veggies to include in this recipe. You can add chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, baby tomatoes, and baby garlic for a delicious zesty flavor.

Pot Pie – 

This is another great flavour combinations that will make you fall in love. This is a traditional Scottish dish. It usually consists of black beans, potatoes, peas, and a tomato-based sauce. Another way to make this dish healthier is to substitute the potato for sweet potatoes or sweet peppers, which are both very low calorie and very healthy. Serve the pot pie with a cracker crumb crust for an added sweet boost. You can also serve this along with your main course.

Low Calorie and Deliciously Flavored Desserts – 

I’ve included a couple of mouth watering veganuary recipes here. I’ve got to include my favourite dessert ever. It’s called the chocolate cake and it’s absolutely delicious. The cake is made from vegan chocolate cake mix, dates, and nuts. This dessert would be perfect for an over indulgence or a special occasion.

Other Gluten-free Vegan Dinner Facts

Other healthy vegan dinner recipes include the classic Thai chicken noodle soup and cashew chicken soup. Both of these dishes are very tasty and will keep you full on calories and nutrients. Thai chicken noodle soup has chickpeas, carrots, celery, and broccoli in it. This soup tastes great and is definitely filling.

There are many other mouth watering veganuary recipes that are perfect for an over indulgence or as a healthy recipe to bring to a potluck. If you find a creamy nut cake recipe you love, you can make that one into a vegan version of chocolate eclairs, or even coconut cream cakes. Another idea is to change the nut base so you have a casserole base instead of just a dessert.

If you are having trouble finding a vegan recipe for pasta, there are many websites out there that have vegan pasta options. All you need to do is change the pasta recipe to broccoli or cauliflower and you have a tasty base for your meal. With a little bit of nutritional advice, you’ll be able to easily create a delicious, low calorie meal that tastes great. By changing the pasta recipe, you can easily transform your regular pasta meal into something you can enjoy for a long time to come.

If you enjoy pasta, you will love this gluten-free cauliflower rice risotto. It has a delicious flavor, thanks to the addition of the veggies and sauce. I baked the risotto in a 9 inch square pan so that the pan was nice and hot to cook things in. If you don’t have a baking dish, you can use your oven but just remember that it will be cooked quickly and the flavors will be less pronounced.

Bottom Line

If you are not much of a spice person, consider using a chili recipe. Any red or green chili should work, but try not to go with the more bolder peppers because that will take away from the flavor of the vegetables. Instead, go with a milder chili, like cayenne, so that you can take away some of the spiciness without sacrificing the vegetables and flavor. You can add white beans to the soup or the white part of the bean if you are not a fan of the beans. I love my chickpeas in this soup because they add a nice kick to the soup. They also keep the lentil and tofu from getting overcooked as well.

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