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Easy Vegan Recipes Made Simple and Delicious

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The first thing that comes to mind about these delicious little vegan cupcakes is that they are so easy to make. It takes a few minutes and you can have a delicious vegan dessert in less than thirty minutes. Kids love getting their sugar rush in any way possible and a little Vegan cake is just what they need. You can get the same taste in a Graham cracker crust that you would get in a traditional cake. They also freeze well, so that you won’t have to keep thawing them.

Easy Vegan Recipe – Burger Pita cookies This easy vegan recipe uses a brown sugar cookie mix, chopped apples and non-stick cooking spray. All you have to do is add the ingredients into a food processor or blender and pulse until the ingredients blend well. Then all you have to do is bake in a pre-heated non-stick pan. Once they are baked, remove them from the pan and place on a plate. Now just drizzle some cooking spray on each one before you serve them.

Easy Vegan Recipe – Tortilla Roll with Maple Syrup This easy vegan recipe uses a vegan Creole sauce, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. First you add a tablespoon of the black pepper and then cook your tortillas in the oven. Once they are almost dry, take a piece of the sauce and put it on one side of your tortilla. Then just roll the entire thing in the sauce and then crimp the seams together. You can make sure that there is enough sauce on the bottom to seal the entire thing.

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Easy Vegan Recipe – Creamy Chicken Soup With Stock You can make a great tasting bowl of soup this easy vegan recipe using stock. You simply add one can of stock to the bottom of your stockpot. While the stock is warming up, you can add a can of chickpeas, chickpea liquid if needed, a can of tomato paste, some brown rice, and an onion. You can continue adding things to the soup while it heats up. When it’s all finished and it simmers you just pour it into your bowl of soup and let it cool down.

Easy Vegan Recipe – Chili If you enjoy spicy foods then you will love this chili. It is super easy to make and it goes great with all kinds of dishes. This is a great healthy alternative to the fried rice that you may be used to making at home. You can also substitute sweet potatoes for the sugar and serve your hubby with a sweet and sour mix that he’ll love. This is a perfect meal that the whole family will love to eat.

Easy Vegan Recipe – Spicy Pork Risotto This recipe is for those of you that are more health conscious and yet want to eat something spicy without having to worry about your intake of spices. The secret to this delicious risotto is to use coconut milk instead of meat or chicken milk. You can choose to serve it chilled, as well as heated if you like it that way. You will want to soak your dried mushrooms, toss them in coconut milk, and cook them until they are soft. Then you just add in a little bit of nutritional yeast, a little bit of soy sauce, some sea salt, and pepper to taste, mix, and it’s ready to serve.

Easy Vegan Recipe – Baked Beans If you love to eat beans and rice this is one of the easy vegan recipes for you to try. This is a fantastic quick and easy meal that you can prepare whenever you have some time to cook. You will want to add either black beans pinto beans, or chickpeas to your favorite rice along with your favorite sauces, spices, and seasonings.

A plate of food on a table

Easy Vegan Recipe – Tortilla Roll Pesto A delicious and easy vegetarian dish, this pesto pasta roll is made by combining spiral noodles, chickpea protein, walnuts, garlic, bell pepper, fresh tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. To make this dish you will need the following ingredients: One tablespoon olive oil, Two cloves garlic, One tablespoon tomato paste, One cup low-fat or fat-free plain yogurt, One tablespoon fresh flat-leaf or spiral pasta, Two cups water or broth, One-fourth cup dry red or yellow garden tomatoes, and Pesto sauce. Bring your water to a boil and then reduce the heat while cooking the pasta until it is al dente. When done, carefully remove the pasta from the cooker and allow it to cool slightly. Then, using a food processor or a blender, combine all ingredients and place in the food processor or blender, until it reaches its desired thickness.

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