Borosilicate Tea Pot Loose Leaf Glass Infuser

Borosilicate Tea Pot Loose Leaf Glass Infuser

People these days are into healthy options, to stay healthy and fit. The change in lifestyle has affected us way too much. In order to stay healthy and fit we need to take care of ourselves.

There are so many healthy options available in the market that we can’t even imagine. Teas are becoming healthier. We now have different types of tea infusers available in the market to make things easy.

Borosilicate Tea Pot Loose Leaf Glass Infuser

There is an old process that people are following for years to make tea. All over the world, people use the same process. Some have tweaked the process and are using more machines than human hands.

The ultimate goal is to have a good flavor of the tea. People are nowadays giving up milk tea and prefer either green tea or lemon tea. Such things are because of the health and the quality of the milk. And it can also be because milk has made a set in their mind that sugar and milk make people fat.

It will add weight to their bodies. So green and lemon is the new option for people these days.

Benefits Of Tea Infuser

Glass t infusers can be put directly into the dishwasher, meaning that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into cleaning them. Instead, once you are done brewing your tea, you can simply toss the infuser into the dishwasher with your other dirty dishes.

One of the problems with many tea infusers is that the holes are so large that tiny bits of the tea leave the filter out into the water. There is nothing worse than drinking a cup of tea only to wind up with a mouthful of tea leaves.

With most glass tea infusers, the holes are typically incredibly small. This helps prevent bits of loose leaf tea from finding their way into your drink. Instead, you can enjoy all of the flavors of your tea without worrying about accidentally swallowing any leaves or stems.

Tea Infuser

Teapot and infusers are favorite to tea drinkers because of their ability to steep loose leaf teas as well as the volume of liquid it can handle. The Tea Pot Loose Leaf Glass Infuser is a heat-resistant borosilicate glass material in a classic teapot style.

Inside it is the stainless steel infuser in barrel-shape. The infuser goes from the top up to almost the bottom of the pot and is removable for refilling or cleaning. 

It’s easy to use that even children could do it, just fill the teapot with hot water. Take out the infuser and fill with your favorite loose tea leaves or other natural ingredients then put it back inside the container.

The teapot has a stainless steel cover that fits the mouth of the glass teapot and tea strainer. The fine filter holes ensure full immersion of leave leaves in the water without losing a single bit of loose leaf. You can choose from 600 ml and 800 ml capacity.


  • Easy to use, anyone can use it. Best product for beginners.
  • The infuser is made out of borosilicate which is one of the best products available in the market.
  • The glass material makes sure not to hamper the taste of the tea.
  • It has fine holes that allow the tea to have all the flavors. 
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