5 Tips For Effective Vegan Marketing on Instagram

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The most common question asked about vegan diets is, “What are vegan eats?” It’s the easiest question to answer because we all know exactly what a vegan eats. That’s not the case for the majority of non-vegan people who are often misled into thinking that vegan food doesn’t involve any animal products at all. This is simply untrue and misleading.

What do Vegans eat?

Vegan Marketing

What do vegans eat? For starters, there are more plant-based foods on a daily menu than there are animal products. In other words, vegan options tend to be simpler than animal alternatives. Because the recipes are more simple, they usually taste better as well. As more plant-based and animal-free foods enter the mainstream, we’ll start to see a trend toward plant-based dishes in the mainstream food picture as well.

There are many reasons why you may find vegan foods boring or simply not interesting. Many people look for excitement in their food. I think this points back to our natural desire to escape the land of the animal kingdom and return to a more comfortable, loving place. This is why many of us turn to recipes with vegetables or fruits as the main ingredient. Not everyone has access to these kinds of recipes but if you do, you can still eat a healthy diet and not sacrifice much in the way of taste. If you don’t like the taste of cooked vegetables, turn to a good vegan meal replacement.

Vegan Version Food dishes

Vegan Marketing

What about vegan eats that don’t taste like vegetables? In addition to plant-based proteins like tofu, tempeh, and seitan, there are a number of excellent vegan cooking options. Tempeh and seitan are very mild and full of enzymes, which make them great for cooking. You can also make vegan versions of burgers and hot dogs using these recipes. There are a variety of different foods that can be made into sauces with a bit of creativity. A little imagination turns ordinary meals into a treat that is tastier than the original.

If you don’t feel like experimenting with plant-based recipes, there are a number of options for your side dishes that will still taste great. I tend to gravitate toward vegan cheese, crackers, and other comfort foods that aren’t too heavy or greasy. By incorporating a bit of your own creativity into the mix, you can create new dishes that you won’t mind consuming while helping out the earth.

Success from Sharing Recipes

Another tip that I’ve gotten a lot of success from is creating my own Instagram account. I use it to share pictures of my recipes and any other activities I am involved in. I find that people are a lot more likely to comment on a picture or post if they can see exactly what it looks like. That’s why I have made my account private and only allow friends and family members to browse through it. If you want to start enjoying vegan options on Instagram just go to the menu and click on “search.”

Keep your Instagram Updated

The next thing you will want to do is keep your Instagram account updated. Make sure you post pictures of new recipes that you try, events you attend, and anything else you think will interest people. By keeping your page updated, you will gain more followers who will, in turn, help you gain more followers. Everyone likes to see new content so you will definitely gain some followers if you make your recipes and other activities a part of your life on Instagram.

While there are tons of ways to promote veganism, using social media such as Instagram is certainly one of the most effective. There are no advertisements or sponsored links so you can really let loose and post whatever it is you feel like. If you’re looking to generate new vegan customers, Instagram is definitely one of the best avenues to take. With so many delicious recipes for gluten-free, vegan, and other health-conscious meals, there’s definitely no shortage of ways to go about promoting your new vegan market tavern.

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