4 Ways To Make A Crowd Pleaser Of Your Best Vegan Lasagna Ever

best vegan lasagna ever

You only need some “granny stuff” and your lasagna is ready to eat, although if you would like it to taste a bit better you can add some nutritional supplement.

Your best vegan lasagna ever starts with a base of brown rice, lots of dark green or red vegetables (sweet potatoes, yams, mushrooms), mushrooms, a butternut squash and a tomato. Then you top off your mixture with some shredded nutritional supplement (soy, hemp seed, flaxseed, etc.) and whatever other foods you like. Here is how to make the best vegetarian lasagna ever:

Make The Base

First, make the base. Using a metal mesh strainer set over a bowl, soak the grains and butternut squash in water for about an hour. Drain them and discard the ones with skin. Next, in a large saucepan, heat the vegetable layers to boiling, then add your mushrooms, cashews, and flax seed to the water.

Next, add your butternut squash, mushrooms, and cashew ricotta cheese. Cover the layers in water and bake for about 25 minutes. When done, remove the cover and fluff up your lasagna. Top off with your favorite fresh herbs and you are all ready to serve. For a real but tasty treat to serve your hot homemade meal with a slice of dark chocolate.


A bunch of food sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

Now for the fun part! You can make this vegetarian lasagna in one of two ways. Either you can assemble it and then add your food processor ingredients, or you can assemble it and then just sprinkle your food processor ingredients over your work surface. Either way, it will be a tasty and easy dinner to assemble.

The first way to assemble your vegetarian lasagna noodles is to put your stems of grass cut into long pieces, either by hand or a knife, and mix together with your hands until they become soft. Add your dry oregano, chopped stems of spinach, chopped shallots, garlic powder, your choice of herbs, and some rock salt to taste. Give your mixture a little time to sit and dry, then just sprinkle over your food processor ingredients and gently mix them together.

Own Vegan Lasagna

Another great way to create your own vegan lasagna is to use your favorite meatless ingredients and make your own stuffed mushrooms. Start out by drying and grilling your mushrooms until they are nice and soft. Then take your stuffed mushrooms, dip them in egg free vegan margarine and place them on top of your baked base. Then, drizzle over your favorite herb oil and your ready to bake your meatless crowd pleaser. If you would like a crunchier texture for your stuffed mushrooms, you may need to add chopped vegan parmesan cheese to the mixture before baking.

A third popular way to make your own vegan lasagna is to make a creamy vegetable sauce using your dry lentils, chopped tomatoes, some chopped basil, and a bit of extra virgin olive oil. You can add sea salt and pepper to taste. When you combine all your ingredients, form a deep dish and spoon in your mixture. Bake in a moderate oven for about an hour to give your meal a firm tofu texture. Easy enough to make that you can do this with just about any combination of ingredients.


For people who are after the best vegan lasagna ever cooked in their homes, or for the perfect appetizer for a crowd, squash is a great choice. Use your favorite non-dairy cheese, add some vegetables, squash seeds, and pepper to give your crowd pleaser a nutritious meal that will have them coming back for more. Use your mandoline slicer to cut up your squash and serve with some sprouted wheat bread.

A fourth way to make a crowd pleaser is to make a nutrient-packed, tasty and colorful pasta sauce. You’ll want to start out by sauteing your sun dried tomatoes and chopped zucchini or cherry tomatoes in one tablespoon of olive oil. Then add chopped onions, garlic, and bell pepper and cook on medium heat until softened. Add your vegan mozzarella cheese and mix thoroughly. Then add your chopped mushrooms, oregano, fresh basil, and your wild oregano.


Finally, to complete your Lasagna Recipe, spoon your nutritional yeast into your prepared tomato sauce and stir thoroughly until blended. Then add your chopped mushrooms, chopped red pepper, and garlic. Stir well. Pour your vegetable mixture into your greased baking dish and bake on 350 F for about an hour. When done, remove from the oven and allow to cool before slicing into little pieces.

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