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10 Vegan Meal Ideas When You’re Hungry

The possible question in every non-vegan’s mind is that what do vegans eat in their supper? Pure vegetarians depend upon certain vegan meals, and moreover, there are many types of meals that come as a solution for vegetarians. Sometimes vegans make up their combination of vegetables for their food habits.

If you are a vegan or you hate using animal products, you can switch to vegan meals. In this article, you will know about ten different types of vegan meals that require no dairy-products for its cooking.

Vegan Meal #1. Beans And Rice

Ten Vegan Meals That Are The Pride Of Vegetarians
Ten Vegan Meals That Are The Pride Of Vegetarians

It is the common choice of vegans. You can keep on having beans and rice for a year-long, but eventually, you will be sick of eating the same. There are many other options, but still, this is one item that is a total vegetarian.

Vegan Meal #2. Quinoa

Quinoa is rich with protein and tastes super awesome. Then on-vegetarians think that Quinoa is the only food vegetarians have. Quinoa is one of the tasty vegan meals, but one cannot have it every day.

Vegan Meals #3. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Vegetable spring rolls are something which is a new food for every restaurant. It becomes a pride thing for vegans.  Vegetable stuffing is done inside the rolls, and then it undergoes frying. It gives you the crispy as well as delicious taste.

Vegan Meal #4. Bean Dishes

Ten Vegan Meals That Are The Pride Of Vegetarians
Ten Vegan Meals That Are The Pride Of Vegetarians

Beans form the best variants of vegan meals such as lentil soup, stews, black beans soup and chana masala. Beans are delicious, but the problem lies with its similar taste. After a while, beans will be annoying for you.

Vegan Meal #5. Tofu

Tofu is a sponge-like dish which soaks up the ingredients to give its taste. You can provide a different flavor to it. It requires frying and tastes well with peanut sauce. These are preferable in noodles as well.

Vegan Meal #6. Veggie Burger

The invention of the burger was for non-vegans. Gregory Sams felt the necessity of burgers for vegans and invented the same. The pure veg burgers use mushrooms, grains, and black beans to give the taste.

Vegan Meal #7. Pasta

When it comes to vegan meals, you can never forget pasta. Pasta comes in numerous variants like ravioli, stuffed shells, lo-mein and stir-fry.  There are many other types which taste best and have no competition. Pasta is nothing without the pasta sauce. It is a favourite dinner for every vegan.

Vegan Meals #8. Jam And Peanut Butter

If you remember your childhood days, this was one of the healthiest foods in your list. On the way to become a pro-vegan, you must get your hands on this dish. You need bread, some jam and butter and you are good to go. It tastes better, and whether you believe it or not, it does stuff you.

Vegan Meal #9. Potatoes

Potatoes are weapons for vegans to answer back to the non-vegetarian dishes. No non-vegan can pass his/her life without having at least one dish of potato. The recipes include baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato chips, French fries and many more.

Vegan Meals #10. Vegan Pizza

Vegetarian pizza is the winner amongst all the vegan meals. It possesses all the qualities of a vegetarian meal. It tastes good, and it stuffs you, it is a mouth-watering dish and is vegetarian for obvious.

If you are a vegetarian and have not known about these meals, then go ahead and try all.

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