10 Toppings Ideas For Your Vegan Pizza


Every food craving ends up with a pizza. Pizza is comparatively the most lovable food all over the world. It knows no age boundary and available in veg and non-veg variants. A vegan pizza is often kept aside thinking it is tasteless without non-veg toppings. It is a misconception, as a vegan pizza is more delicious and comes in more options than non-veg pizzas, which are absolutely amazing.

The lists of vegan toppings are endless. In this article, you will know about ten vegan toppings that give you a variety of taste and a countless number of combinations to choose.

Ten Toppings That End Up Giving You A Delicious Vegan Pizza
Ten Toppings That End Up Giving You A Delicious Vegan Pizza

1. Vegan Pizza From Mushroom

Mushroom is an ultimate topping for a vegan pizza. Every vegetarian walks in a pizza store and makes a must demand of mushrooms on their pizzas. Mushroom is also known as vegetarian meat. They add flavor, taste and go well with sauce and cheese.

2. Tomatoes (Sun-Dried)

Tomatoes are another standard topping option for vegans. It will give you the full flavor if you use tomatoes those are sun-dried. Feta cheese, spinach, and olives altogether make a pizza delicious.

3. Pesto For Vegan Pizza

Ten Toppings That End Up Giving You A Delicious Vegan Pizza
Ten Toppings That End Up Giving You A Delicious Vegan Pizza

Pesto is a type of sauce which includes garlic, coarse salt, basil, and olive oil. It adds a little spice to your pizza when you use it instead of tomato sauce. With this topping, you can experience a Greek kind of vegan pizza. You can make this work by combining it with artichoke hearts.

4. Vegan Pizza Squash Blossoms

These flowers grow in summer and taste delicious. Fry squash flowers with cheese-fillings on a pizza. A red or white vegan pizza will do best with squash.

5. Pumpkin

Pumpkin can turn into a creamy sauce to make a sweet topping. You can use the sauce along with green leaves and salty cheese. Believe it or not, a gourd is capable of making your pizza delicious.

6. Olives

Add olives as your pizza toppings to add a sweet and salty flavor to your pizza. Usually, black olives are best in taste for a pizza. Use of olives on pizzas initially began by the Italians.

7. Creamy Spinach

Spinach with cream can become a suitable replacement of white and tomato sauce. You can use vegan products to bring out a spinach cream. You can also make use of spinach leaves.

8. Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts comes in water-packed marinated or only comes in for fresh use. The fresh artichokes require cooking before use.

9. Onions

Onion slices are again one of the most common toppings of a vegan pizza. You can add it on a plain pizza, white pizza or a cheese pizza. It is capable enough to make every pizza taste better. You can add salt sprinkles and olive oil on your onion pizza.

10. Marinated Peppers

Peppers undergo broiling, peeling and marinating processes to come out with superb taste and a fantastic topping. Green peppers on your pizza will give you a crunchy feeling which does not taste bad either.

These are ten vegan pizza toppings that add a different taste to every pizza. Some other toppings include Figs, vegetarian sausage, Fresh fruit, etc. Next time you wish to have a pizza, try some of the vegan toppings.