10 Satisfying Vegan Desserts

Having a dessert after every meal is a rightful treat to every individual. Most of the desserts include egg and other non-veg ingredients which is not suitable for the vegans. Especially for them, some vegan desserts came into existence to help vegans fulfill their desires.

Vegetarians face hell lot of difficulties to find a pure vegan dessert for themselves. In this article, you will know about ten vegan desserts for which even non-vegans fail to resist.

1. Lemon Cheesecake Made With Raspberry

Ten Satisfying Vegan Desserts For The Vegetarians
Ten Satisfying Vegan Desserts For The Vegetarians

This complete vegan treat uses some nourishing ingredients. The ingredients include Coconut oil, cashews, frozen raspberries and lemon juice for obvious. You can make it in large quantities to stock your freezer to satisfy your sweet cravings.

2. Chocolate Brownies (No-Bake)

These chocolate treats do not go through baking and are one of the healthy vegan desserts. The ingredients include cocoa, peanut butter, and dates. A chocolate brownie will fuel you with energy rather than winding you up for the day.

3. Vegan Desserts Cheesecake

Ten Satisfying Vegan Desserts For The Vegetarians
Ten Satisfying Vegan Desserts For The Vegetarians

Cheesecake is going to delight you with a maple crust. It is light and do not stuff you but is satisfying to your mouth. You can add fruits or almost anything as a topping to your cheesecake.

4. Peanut Pie – Vegan Desserts

Peanut pie requires no baking and proves itself as one of the healthy vegan desserts, and the reason behind it being healthy is the ingredients. The ingredients include maple syrup, dark chocolate, dates, peanut butter, and coconut milk.

5. Peanut And Jam Squares

This collaboration of jam and peanut butter is outstanding. In the field of vegan desserts, this duo steals the show. You can give it a small square shape to make it melt faster in your mouth.

6. Chocolate Cupcakes

These cupcakes are creamy and use no dairy products. The ingredients include cocoa powder, brown sugar, and coconut oil. This chocolate delight is going to water your mouths when you see them.

7. Choco-Chip Cookies

These cookies do no undergo the baking process and prove themselves as healthy cookies. It has ingredients such as coconut flour, maple syrup, nut butter, and shredded coconut. You can also replace the Choco-chips with oats to have excellent oatmeal.

8. Ice-Cream Cake With Vanilla And Chocolate Cookie – Vegan desserts

This dessert wins over the other vegan desserts. It is a dream delight for the vegetarians. The recipe includes vanilla and chocolate cookies and a coconut ice cream.

9. Coconut Doughnuts

It uses soy milk and is healthy and takes up a decidedly less baking time. The sweet little treats are usually ready in just 30 minutes. Pile them up in your freezer to fight your sugar cravings.

10. Vanilla Cupcakes – Vegan Desserts

These cupcakes are egg-less and use almond and soy milk. There are small individual sweetening ingredients that add to these cupcakes. The taste and texture depend upon different ingredients. One thing is for sure that regardless of the ingredients, these cupcakes are going to taste amazing.

These are the ten dessert ideas for vegans. More products do give a tough fight to non-vegan desserts. If you are a vegan and you crave for a dessert after every meal, you have ten options to choose.